Midas Touch / Rules Of The Game

by Easy Money

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released April 20, 2016

Engineered/Mixed/Produced by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios.
Vocal/Bass engineering by Zachary Rippy at Sound Signal Audio.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE.



all rights reserved


Easy Money Arizona

Hardcore from Mesa AZ.

Murda Mook

BDHW Records.


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Track Name: Predation
Enough wasting. to cast away shame I walk away from mine. facing their time with hunger inside. They will fall into decline.
Pushed too far. Finger on the pulse. "Mercy is lost on those who fall." I'll bear witness and the world testifies.
Sucked into this position. (Disposition). What built my cage has stole my face, and I pray for grace against none. I guess none can take the shame. Forced to forget thy blame. With the design of hell to guide.
The feral dog inside tearing up the pride that hides, the chains cant be denied.
Cursed to falter.. Brother why have you gone? "Mercy is lost on my Messiah." I'll bear witness, against the world I'll testify.
Track Name: Menace II Society (The Midas Touch)
Transfixed by my downfall, break the trance but it's sentence still on.
-Removing the tracks. Separate me through this prison of time.-
It's not our fault that luck ran out.
-Fucked too many times that I cant count now-
They play with life, then load the dice.
Money is the root of it all.
Got no cards to fold, a Slave State till it takes you.
So you domesticate into a form that's loathe to take.
Drawn and erased, touching their side.
What's fair in life to a man who has to cheat to get by?
"RESIST" - the words of my people. Demystify these dreams.
My eyes see what no man can say. Another life is claimed enforcing hate. Menace on me. Desire feasts once man is consumed by greed.
Track Name: 2nd Sight
Re-accused. Lost amnesty. Bliss strained and dug too deep.
To feign structure through tarnished sight, my power drains for another lie.
My "escape" is the lie, I bought my sin when I borrowed my time.
now All madness is mine. It drives my frame. Made worse by low stature, It'll rip forever.
Rule of Law broken, the power calls from the other side..
I'm done soul searching to find my sole (soul) purpose. I know my way but i never know for certain. I see the evil lurking, it cant make the purchase, it can't scratch the surface of my mind. Forgive me now, I know not what I do.
-There is no penance for me, convicted by the only. It's a waste to save my place. With the burden on me, I disgrace the ones who've fought me. My words still pave the way-

(Guest vocals by Brian Miya)
Track Name: Out Of Pocket
It's been ignored now that I can choose
With two left feet I cant walk with righteous shoes
Just Ill-gotten gain
All the dues paid but not the Master
Put the signs back up as I'm flayed at the stake
Used up for whose gain? -Taking all I make, how can this be fair?-
Breath of life is priceless to a gear in the machine
Declined the birthright, balance has rejected me
No machine - Aint got what i need - Balances unequal now
The breath, it wont leave. Just lust for everything
Touching all that I can hold, it turns gold
Just Ill-gotten gain
Not one can claim a clean slate
With no questions asked... A final command...
Track Name: Easy Target (Feat. Eric Hula)
Integrity is synthesized - Sewn from threads it weaves - Hiding behind the pages
Look up to the sky
Preach your ignorance, you never spent a day alone
Couldn't bear the thought of his guide leaving you
None to clear your sins
Search through the words, think its all true?
dont be so sure
dont be so brave
To assume it, to believe its safe
(Safe to show your strength)
Integrity is synthesized - Sewn from threads that weave - Hide behind the pages
Look up to the sky
Preaching your ignorance, never spent a day alone
Couldn't bear the thought of his guide leaving you
-Blinded by those who control you,
Their sacred crimes
Seek forgiveness through a promising lie
down over time, you will lose your individuality
No cross is mine, no soul divine-
How quick, the acts falling short
Revealing - now perfect - it's intent to cull
-How does it feel?-
Define a reason for this presence never felt
It's besetting your weakness... The stasis can't be torn
An easy target to be made into a victim of your faith
Track Name: Ricochet
Sharpened grows dullened, more space between the days melts away
Love has left nothing else in good taste
Constant the temptation
Marring our world with each release
Better to dwell and eye in silence then to confront me, no, don't speak
Ricochet the words right off of me
Just shut up and grow up
Wipe the ink right off the page
Constant the aggression
Incomplete return, I bend
And if this is tribulation
Let it peel so we resurface again
Wave to the past and leave
May it never ricochet back
Sharpened grows dullened, more space between the days gone to waste
Love has dullened into shades
Blocked when I ricochet back
Can't be undone, the past I'm inked in
Blocked my chance
-Chance blocked me-